Metatarsal Treatment

One of the first steps in metatarsal treatment is to assess whether the break in your metatarsal was caused by an accident, such as a brick falling in your foot, or by more systemic problems such as you might see if you over pronate your foot when walking, or engage in an activity that is particularly hard on the feet, such as kicking a soccer ball, or being a ballet dancer.

The reason why this is important when considering you metatarsal treatment options is that if the break was caused by an accident, then you may only need to focus on the recovery aspects of the metatarsal fracture treatment symptoms rather than focusing on how the break occurred (though if a brick landed on your foot you may also want to consider stopping strolling around where it happened!)

Where as if the break was caused by more systemic problems such as the way you walk then you will also want to consider such possibilities as getting metatarsal safety boots, orthotic heels and factoring more safety precautions into you daily activities if your foot problems were caused by a specific activity connected with your job or hobby.

With both types you will nevertheless be experiencing considerable foot pain from the break and you will need to also take steps to alleviate that if you are going to function normally.

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When exploring other metatarsal treatments, you will also come across physiotherapy options such as massage and walking aids. And also most drastic options such as metatarsal surgery which may be needed if your break is particularly severe, or in a place that has bad blood circulation, and hence is less likely to be able to heal on its own.

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