Metatarsal Foot Pain

Metatarsal Pain comes from metatarsal injuries which are amongst the most common foot injuries that occur. It is specifically very common amongst sportsman and runners particularly, because it is an injury of the ball of the foot just below the toes. The metatarsal bones are long bones which are in between the phalanges and tarsal bones, and if you look at the physiology, then you will see that there are five in each foot.  These are basically carrying out two specific functions. The first of these is to act as a propulsion mechanism to push off from. And the second is as a pivot mechanism that allows your body to stay in balance and support your entire body.

Metatarsal Pain

It is interesting to remember this, because the fractures and metatarsal pain that people experience comes about through three main reasons:

1/ Shock and Trauma

This comes about for example when a child jumps down from a tree house, or you have an overly firm landing from a parachute jump (Ok. Maybe that ones not as common as most :-D )

2/ Too Much Use

This is the most common reason and is to be found mainly by people who like running.  You will see that if you ever join a running or jogging club, that metatarsal pain problems are very common. And the reason is because of overuse.

3/ Rotating The Ball Of The Foot Too Much

Again, this is generally athletics related, and is very common in sports like soccer and basketball where there is a lot of stopping and turning on a point.

Overcoming Metatarsal Foot Pain…

With all of these problems the best initial way to react is to rest the foot. However this isn’t always possible. For example army recruits often suffer lots of foot problems, because they are forced to constantly use their feet even when they develop little niggles. Then what tends to happen is that those niggles will then gradually get worse and worse, until they are forced to pull out of training entirely.

The point I am making is that the time to rest is when you get the first twinge in your foot. Not wait until it gets worse. Rest it. If you don’t do that that fairly mild metatarsal pain can easily turn into really painful metatarsal pain. So it is well worth taking that advice, and resting your foot. If you do that then you will find that you will experience far fewer problems.

All of these different factors are present in both athletics and in physical occupations, but at least with athletics it is generally possible to take a break. That is a little more difficult if your job is one such as a farmer or bricklayer. But even here you should try and take some time off if at all possible.

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