Metatarsal Pain

The feet are not typically something that most of us give any thought too, UNTIL something goes wrong that is and we develop metatarsal pain or other types of chronic foot pain.  Metatarsal pain is the ball of the foot, and is a really big deal for most athletic and physical activities because it is the part of the foot that we typically use to swivel and move around on. Metatarsal injuries are quite a common injury especially for runners, as there is a constant pounding and runners are putting constant stress on their feet. The medical term for this is ‘metatarsalgia’, which is Latin, and translates literally as “achy metatarsal”, and relates to having a forefoot that has sore bones and is causing you metatarsal pain.

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Metatarsal Pain

The typical symptoms of metatarsalgia are inflammation  and pain in the balls of the foot, and generally gets better given enough rest and care. The metatarsal bone itself is found at the front of the foot, slightly below the toes. And even though metatarsal pain in itself is not necessarily a critical condition, and will get better if you rest your foot and stop running on it. It is a bigger problem if either you are in a very physical occupation, or else you are a keen runner, and want to run frequently and go for long runs.

All of which isn’t to downplay metatarsal pain, because if you don’t rest up or take steps to get rid of it, then it can be extremely persistent.  Especially if you keep on running, or continue using your feet. Which, let’s face it is a rather normal thing to do.  The bones in your foot are actually surprisingly delicate, and the first thing you will notice with metatarsal injuries is searing pain. Following on from that you will typically get a tingling in your toes, or a numb feeling; and that can get worse even if you do rest up and stop using your feet.   Which makes sense if you think about it, because it is a symptom of the body repairing itself.


Metatarsal Pain … Resting Up

The first thing that you need to do is rest, and stop further stress being applied to your foot.  As an early way to help your foot you can attempt to reduce the pain by putting your foot in ice water, which should help with the general swelling that builds up with injuries like this.

Also, you should ensure that you get the best running shoes possible. People get fond of their running shoes, and some are loathe to change them. But the truth is that all running shoes are not created equal, and you need to do some research as to different types of running shoes, and establish which of them offer the maximum amounts of pressure absorption. This may not alleviate your current metatarsal pain, but it may help to stop you getting more of it in the future.

What we are doing with these techniques is essentially taking better care of our feet. Because whilst eating the proper food and nutrition are obviously important for runners and athletes. Your feet are the primary tools of the trade, so you need to keep them healthy.

If you love running and are suffering from foot pain, or have just developed pain in your feet without really knowing the cause, then you really also need to take an extra step and learn about all the quick ways that you can alleviate the pain right now, and stop it happening again in the future.

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